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Datamation Systems has been providing security and document management, specialized work station and document handling solutions for more almost 46 years.  Since it was founded in 1963, Datamation Systems has grown into a leader in the application of new technology and good management practices in the areas of equip-ment and information security, task-specific work station design, office ergonomics, mail and distribution systems, and filing and document management.


We are the largest and most experienced source in the United States for several categories of equipment, including anti-theft devices for equipment.  This has

given us unique insight into practical issues arising from the use of mobile computing platforms in K-12 and higher education.  Our battery chargers, carts, cabinets and transport cases have helped thousands of institutions make better use of their technology investments – and protect their resources from theft.

We provide security for many of the largest school systems, universities, hospitals and corporations.  We have extensive experience with government and insti-tutional applications, especially coordinating equipment deployments with systems integrators and infrastructure managers.  We have distributed nationally a variety of innovative notebook and netbook security strategies, re-charging mobile cabinets and multi-battery chargers.  We have developed specialized work stations for technology-intensive environments, including innovative worksta-tions for people who are physically challenged, command centers and flexible trading desks.

Drawing on the resources of nearly one hundred manufacturers of specialized products, our experienced systems specialists can help find you the best solution.                                                                       


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Working with engineers with more than a decade of battery technology experience, we provide compact, effective recharging strategies for organizations that want to maintain extra batteries for classes, training facilities, etc. We even handle some of the popular netbooks. 


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Available for Dell Model 2100

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Please select a manufacturer.  We provide chargers for most notebooks, tablets and the new netbooks.


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